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City Year RI’s Emerging Leaders Barbecue–Tomorrow–Tues. 8/1 6-8pm

Monday, July 31st, 2006

Thought this would be of interest to some of you. Remember, there will be a lot of non-geeks there, so let’s keep ourselves in check, e.g., no transforming our gracious guest’s home entertainment center into a gene sequencer.

The Emerging Leaders Barbecue
15B Olney St., Providence
Organized by Michael Goldstein of City Year RI
RSVP to mgoldstein [at the domain] cityyear.org

Enjoy grilled meats and veggies in a quiet garden oasis in the middle of
the summer.  This is a great opportunity for emerging leaders in Rhode
Island to connect with each other across business, non-profit, and
government sectors.  Everyone is welcome.  Bring friends, as well as
your favorite food or drink.  15B Olney is at the corner of Benefit St.
and Olney St., just a block from the shopping center with Staples and
Whole Foods.  There is ample free parking; look for the “Parking for 5
Benefit Street� sign. 

Amie Street Featured On TechCrunch: “Awesome New Music Model”

Monday, July 24th, 2006


A couple of weeks after they presented their service at the last Providence Geeks dinner, local start-up Amie Street has been featured in a gushing review on Techcrunch.

Noneother than Web 2.0 mega-pundit Mike Arrington himself describes the service as an “awesome new music model.”

Congratulations Amie Street, and good luck keeping the servers running! (Yes, they’ve been “Dugg” too.)

Update: Check out Brian’s photos of the Amie Street presentation/Geek Dinner.

TechCollective to host “Show Me The Money: How to Market Technology”

Friday, July 21st, 2006

TechCollective will be hosting a breaskfast event with Dr. Phyl Speser on Tuesday July 25th at the Hope Club in Providence. Speser is an authority on technology transfer and commercialization and the author of The Art & Science of Technology Transfer.

TechCollective has generously offered to extend the member rate to anyone who registers and identifies themselves as a “Providence Geek”.

Looks like a good event. Details here.

Fora, now with RSS!

Friday, July 7th, 2006

Thanks to Jim Willis, the fora now have RSS feeds at the forum and thread level.

Clicking on the below the forum title on forum index page, or in the forum titlebar will get you a feed of the forum in question. Inside a forum, clicking on the to the left of the thread title will get you a feed of that thread. Enjoy!

Local Web Start-Up Amie.St to Demo at July 12th Geek Dinner

Thursday, July 6th, 2006


Providence Geeks regular and Amie Street CEO Elliot Breece and his partners will be presenting their brand-new (pre-beta, baby) and very promising social network/music distribution service at the July 12th Geek Dinner. Don’t miss it! (RSVP here)
Amie Street is a social network that empowers musicians to release, and fans to discover, new and independent music in a marketplace where the community decides the price. Our company is built on two fundamental beliefs: first, the long tail of the market for digital content is best mediated by a community pricing mechanism; and second, online social networks, with the proper functionality, serve as ideal mechanisms for discovering and flagging relevant media. The company’ s first product is an online community and marketplace for music (including ring tones generated from music in our marketplace) in which song prices start out at zero and are then determined by their demand among members. We address the difficulties inherent in sorting through the vast array of user-provided content available by a system of “RECs,” units of recommendation, which encourages and facilitates the flagging of the best of our content.

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